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Proceedings of the IRE March 1960 Volume 48, Number 3 ; Harry Nyquist photograph; Perceptron Rosenblatt;

Proceedings of the IRE March 1960 Volume 48, Number 3 ; Harry Nyquist photograph; Perceptron Rosenblatt;.

Institute of Radio Engineers, March 1960; pages 289-432 inclusive; Illustrations, References.
Condition: Good+ overall, some cover wear & rubbing, creases along spine, cover a bit soiled, thumbsized abrasion along textblock fore-edge. Binding sound (thick issue); some spine wear; pages clean, unmarked.
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PAPERS -- Design Considerations for Integrated Electronic Devices (Wallmark), Perceptron Simulation Experiments (Rosenblatt),

Pulse Compression-Key to More Efficient Radar Transmission (Cook), Correction to The Parametron, a Digital Computing Element which Utilizes Parametric Oscillation (Gato),

Field Effect on Silicon Transistors (Schwartz, Levy), A Half-Watt CW Traveling-Wave Amplifier for the 5-6 Millimeter Band (McDowell, Danielson, Reed), Correction to The Spherical Coil as an Inductor, Shield, or Antenna (Wheeler), Propagation of Radio Waves of Frequency Less Than 1 KC (Pierce), Maximum Stable Collector Voltage for Junction Transistors (Schmeltzer), Ionospheric Models as an Aid for the Calculation of Ionospheric Propagation Quantities (Voogt), Electromagnetic Properties of High-Temperature Air (Bachynski, Johnston, Shkarofsky);

CORRESPONDENCE -- Tunnel (Esaki) Diode Amplifiers with Unusually Large Bandwidths (Sard), Frequency Dependence of the Equivalent Series Resistance for a Germanium Parametric Amplifier Diode (Eng, Solomon), WWV Standard Frequency Transmissions (NBofS), Tunnel-Emission Amplifier (Mead), A Low-Level Pulse-Height Standard (Lommasson, Grannemann), On the Generality of Near-Zone Power Transmission Formulas (Hu), A Microwave Adler Tube (Bridges, Ashkin), On the Regenerative Pulse Generator (Met), Electron Content & Distribution in the Ionosphere (Hame, Sturart), A Technique for Reducing Errors in Permeability Measurements with Coils (Danielson, Harrington), Power Transmission via Radio Waves (Bickmore), Improved High-Precision Quartz Oscillators Using Parallel Field Excitation (Bechmann), Spherical Aberration Due to Initial Path Angle & Lens Curvature in Aperture Electron Lenses (Harris), On the Origin of Negative Feedback (Osterland); REVIEWS -- Books incl Handbook of Automation. Computation and Control Vol. 2 (Grabbe, Ramo, Wooldridge). International Convention issue incl Harry Nyquist, winner of IRE Medal of Honor p. 291 with photograph.