Invitation to FORTH. Harry Katzan.
Invitation to FORTH
Invitation to FORTH
Invitation to FORTH

Invitation to FORTH.

Petrocelli Books, NY 1981, first edition; 232 pages, index.

Condition: Very Good gray paper-over-boards, hardcover; in Very Good dark blue and white dustjacket, and clear acetate glassine jacket protector. Some shelfwear and rubbing to corners and board edges, chipping to jacket upper spine, a bit musty smelling from long storage. Binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked.

Price: $10.00

Item Description

Contents -- The FORTH Concept; Computer Fundamentals (computer philosophy; computer memory; hardware, software, and firmware; microcomputer systems organization; microprocessor organization and operation; stack operation; disk storage technology); Software Technology (algorithms; assembler language; porgramming languages; program structure; language processors; assembler programs; compiler programs; interpreter programs; more);

Reverse Polish Notation; Elementary Calculations and Stack Manipulation; Constants, Variables, and Memory Operations;

Definitions and Temrinal Operations; Control Structures; Double Precision; Information Management;

References; Answers to excercises which are at the end of each chapter; Index.