Item #B112 Digital Processing of Signals. Bernard Gold, Alan V. Oppenheim, Thomas G. Stockham jr.

Digital Processing of Signals.

McGraw-Hill Book Co NY 1969; 269 pages, index, diagrams, photographs.

Condition: Good overall, gray hardcover with titles on spine in dark red; some shelfwear, spine scuffing at ends, small amount of intermittent underlining in a few chapters. The binding is sound and secure.

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Item Description

'The purpose of this book is to present the theory, with some applications, of digital-signal-processing operations, with emphasis on the frequency-domain description of digital filtering and discere spectrum analysis...' (from the Preface)

Contents include, A discussion of Signal Processing, basic computational algorithms for digital filters, spectrum analysis etc; Discrete Linear Systems;

Frequency-domain Design of Digital Filters; Quantization Effects in Digital Filters; Block-diagram Representation of computer Programs - the PATSI compiler; object system etc;

Discrete Fourier Transforms; High-speed convolution and correlation with Applications to Digital Filtering; Generalized Linear Filtering, more.