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The Talking Telephone and 14 Other Custom Telephone Projects. Steve Sokolowski.

The Talking Telephone and 14 Other Custom Telephone Projects.

TAB Books, PA 1990, stated first edition first printing; 337 pages, index, appendices, diagrams and illustratoins.
Condition: Very Good glossy-coated hardcover with phone/modem photo on cover; slight chip along spine. The binding is tight and secure, the pages are clean, unmarked.
Price: $10.00
Item no. B142
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Featuring Talking Telephone circuits that alert you to incoming calls and read back numbers as you dial them From the early-1990's

Shows you how to equip any basic rotary or dial-tone telephone with a wide vaqriety of innovations... The book furnishes all of the circuit designs, schematics, adn building instructions you need, plus the names and address of major mail-order component distributors... using a handful of inexpensive, easily obtainable components...

Sections include, Telephone Basics; Tools of the trade - soldering iron, drilling printed circuit boards etc; Teltone Corporation Telcom Chips; The English-style Telephone Ringer; The Two-Tone Ringer; Electronic Telephone Ringer; THe Melody Ringer; The Fone Sentry; The Hi-Tech Music-on-Hold Adapter; A Flip/Flop Hold Button; Dialed-Digit Display (light-emitting diode output);

Dialed-digit display; Digital Telephone Lock; The Talking telephone ringer; the Talking Telephone - programming the PROM chip, construction etc; Synthesized Speech for your Telephone; MORE.