Computer Architecture. Caxton Foster.

Computer Architecture.

Van Nostrand Reinhold, NY 1970, 225 pages, index, references, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good overall, red cloth hardcover, in Good black, red and white decorated dustjacket - some wear to jacket at all edges. The binding is sound and secure, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Control Data 6600, IBM Stretch, computer memory

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Item Description

Includes Sections on The Representation of Information, Gates and Elementary Logic - flip flops, black boxes etc; Read-Write Storage - magnetic cores, plated wires, cryotrons, magnetic recording, active storage elements - parametrons, fludic devices, dealy lines;

Putting the Bits Together, incl moving magnetic memories - drums, moving head disks, replaceable surface drums etc; An Elementary Machine; Variations in Addressing;

Variations in Input/Output; Other Instructions; Speeding up the Computer -- the Control Data 5500 -- the CPU; the PPU's;
The IBM 360/85; Stretch; The Honeywell 8200; The Edingurgh Design -- stacking memory references; loader; saver; further etails of the design process, etc

Parallelism and Distributed Logic - early designs; CACS-I and CACS-II etc; Tessellated Computers the computer with 29 stats, confluent states, self-reproducing automata etc; Holland's Interactive Circuit Computer -- comments on the Holland Machine; THe N-cube Holland Machine etc; The ORC, more.