Item #B159 Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, volume 2, no. 1, January 1959. ACM Assoc. for Computing Machinery.

Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery, volume 2, no. 1, January 1959.

ACM NY 1959, pp 1 - 54 inclusive, plus advertisements; includes ONR Digital Computer Newsletter as pp 41-54.

Condition: very good overall, glossy white paper covers, stapled binding, staples show rust, a bit of veritcal roll-creasing; binding is secure, pages clean, a few margin inkmarks of brackets around Coming Events etc.

Keywords: computers in the 1950s, IBM computers, history of computing

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Item Description

Includes, Official Notices and Letters to the editor; Techniques -- Abstracts -- Nuclear Reactor Codes (about half the issue);

News and Notices -- news items, ACM chapter news, University news and education programs; coming events;
ONR Digital Computer Newsletter with news and analysis of 1958/1959 computer installations and equipment. Includes, NORC and Universal Data Transcriber at Naval Ordnance Computation Center; Elliott 802 in London; New UNIVAC computer, Remington Rand has announced a new magnetic amplifier, solid-state commercial data processing system. This computer is the first in a new line of lowcost systems utiliizing the latest developments in solid-state devices... The equipment will rent at $6,950 a month with a purchase price of $347,500. Deliveries in the U.S. will begin in June 1959 and MORE
Minicard System, Eastman Kodak Co... The Minicard System is an electronic-microfilm medium for the unit record storage and single search retrieval of documentary information... A tiny piece of film, measuring 16 by 32 mm, it combines the mobility of the tabulating car and the space-saving compactness of microfilming... Two-page article

Events include, symposia, SHARE meetings, an IBM 650 Programming Systems meeting, Burroughs Corporation news, Control Data Corporation of Minneapolis, MN news, much more. New machines to help make possible the automatic library of the future, were exhibted in Washington recently in connection with the International Conference on Scientific Information....