Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, first edition 1937. Austin Eastman.

Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, first edition 1937.

McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY 1937, stated first edition; 438 pages, index, diagrams, some photographs.

Condition: Very Good, black/dark blue textured cloth hardcover, title in gilt on spine, a bit dulled, textblock edges a bit darkened, slight spine lean. The binding is sound and secure, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: vacuum tubes, valves

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Item Description

Includes, introduction -- two-element vacuum tubes, three element, four and five element vacuum tubes; gas-filled tubes; mercury-arc rectifiers; photoelectric cells;

Electronic Emission -- thermionic emission, oxide-coated cathodes; thoriated-tungsten cathoes, carbonization of thoriated filiaments; photoelectric emission; evacuation of vacuum tubes, getter;

Diodes -- Rectifier Action -- High-Vacuum Diodes; Tungar rectifiers; Phanotrons; Cold-cathode rectifiers; Mercury-arc rectifiers, more

Triodes -- CLass A Amplification; Triodes - Relay action -- high-vacuum tubes; Gas-filled tubes;

Triodes -- Class B and C Amplification; Triodes -- Oscillators -- high-vacuum tubes, grid-condenser design; MORE

Modulation and Demodulation; Multielement Tubes; Photosensitive Tubes; Special types of tubes; more.