Item #B179 Wizards and Their Wonders, Portraits in Computing. Christopher Morgan.

Wizards and Their Wonders, Portraits in Computing.

ACM and The Computer History Museum NY 1997, 414 pages, full page color photographs/portraits; index, sources etc.

Condition: Near Fine green cloth hardcover in Very Good or a bit better cream-yellow dustjacket, with names printed across the jacket for decoration. Light shelfwear esp. at spine ends. The binding is square and tight, the pages are clean and unmarked. Large oversized hardcover approx. 9.5x12.

Keywords: computer pioneers

Price: $30.00

Item Description

'Unabashedly American in slant - the people in this book were either born in the U.S.A. or have done their major work there... With the excetion of the Forerunners listed in the first section, the book concentrates on living innovators in computing, comprising the Inventors, whor created the work; the Entreprenurs, who drove the work; the Communicators, who shaped the work; and the Venture Capitalists, who funded the work...' (From the jacket flap)

Includes fullpage color portraits of each, with brief summary of computer work on the facing page -- photographs by Louis Fabian (Chip) Bachrach. Includes, Howard Aiken, John Atanasoff, Seymour Cray, J. Presper Eckert, Grace Murray Hopper, John Kemeny, John Mauchly, Allen Newell, George Stibitz, John von Neumann, Thomas Watson, Jr., Thomas Watson, Sr.

And then, a long list of twentieth-century computing pioneers, innovators, and forward-thinking business people, including, Fran Allen, Marc Andreessen and James Barksdale, John Backus, Paul Baran, Gordon Bell, Tim Berners-Lee, Fred Brooks, Jrl;

Vint Cerf, Wes Clark, John Cocke, Douglas Engelbart, Jay Forrester, Richard Hamming, Steve Jobs, Robert Kahn, Alan Kay, Brian Kernighan, Leonard Kleinrock, Donald Knuth, John Lasseter, Benoit Mandelbrot, Dennis Ritchie, Herbert Simon, Bjarne Stroustrop, Ivan Sutherland, Ken Thompson, Steve Wozniak -- and MORE

And those are just the people listed in the INVENTORS section....