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Low-Temperature Electronics. Randall Kirschman, IEEE selected reprint series key papers.

Low-Temperature Electronics.

IEEE Press, NY, 1986, 491 pgs, diagrams, illustrations; References, Author Index; double-column text.
Condition: Very Good red cloth hardcover in Very Good gray illus. dustjacket & clear acetate glassine jacket protector; large heavy book oversized; telecom library rubberstamp on textblock edges, pocket at rear; binding tight, pages clean & unmarked.
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Possibility for Using an Amplifier at Low Temperatures (Gerritsen, van den Burg); Cold Electronics - Overview (Kirschman);

Materials, Devices & Systems -- Role of Low Temperatures in Operation of Logic Circuitry (Keyes, Harris, Konnerth); Low Temperature High Mobility Transistor Materials (Keyes); Semiconductor Devices at Low Temperatures (Keyes); Semiconductors at Cryogentic Temperatures (Jonscher); Semiconductor Devices Suitable for Use in Cryogenic Environments (Lengeler); Cryogenic Devices (Coeure);

MOS Devices & Switching Behavior -- MOST's at Cryogenic Temperatures (Rogers); MOS Devices & Integrated Circuits at Liquid Nitrogen Temperature (Gaensslen); Very Small MOSFET's for Low-Temperature Operation (Gaensslen, Rideout, Walker, Walker); Temperature Dependent Threshold Behavior of Depletion Mode MOSFET's Characterization & Simulation (Gaensslen, Jaeger); p-MOSFET Parameters at Cryogenic Temperatures (Maddox); N-Channel Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Characteristics from 10 to 300 K (Tewksbury); Delay Times in Si MOSFETs in the 4.2-400 K Temperature Range (Kamgar), Johnston); Operation of Bulk CMOS Devices at Very Low Temperatures IHanamura, Aoki, Masuhara, Minato, Sakai, Hayashida); Temperature Dependence of Latchup in CMOS Circuits (Dooley, Jaeger);

Electronic Phenomena in MOS Devices -- Electron Trapping in this Films of Thermal SiO2 at Temperatures Between 30 & 300 K (Itsumi); Static & Nonequilibrium Transient Conductance at Strong Carrier Freeze-Out in a Buried Channel Metal Oxide-Semiconductor Transistor (Tewksbury, Biazzo, Harrison, Lindstrom, Tennant, Storz); Time Dependence of Depletion Region Formation inPhosphorus-Doped Silicon MOS Devices at Cryogenic Temperatures (Saks, Nordbryhn) Modulation-Doped Hererostructures & Devices; Noise Behavior of FET's;

other SECTIONS inc Evaluation & Application of Commercial Devices; Microwave Devices; Bipolar Devices; Special Purpose & Experimental Devices - lasers, charge-coupled devices etc; MORE.