The C Gazette, 6 individual issues, Spring 1990, Summer 1990, Autumn 1990, Winter 1990-1991, Spring 1991, June-July 1991. C-Gazette, Andrew Binstock.

The C Gazette, 6 individual issues, Spring 1990, Summer 1990, Autumn 1990, Winter 1990-1991, Spring 1991, June-July 1991.

Pacific Data Works, Santa monica CA 1990, 1991; each issue approx. 94 pages, double-column text, adverts, illustrations.

Condition: Very Good, each issue glossy cardstock covers, 8.5x11 magazines, several issues with slight vertical crease on front covers and first few page, some at rear cover creases, slight shelfwear. Bindings are tight, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: C programming language, ascii art, C++ programming

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Item Description

The Code-Intensive C and C++ Quarterly for MS-DOS Systems

Spring 1990, volume 4 number 3 -- Client-Server Computing -- NetBios Print server; Compression of small character sets; Editable input strings; Using expanding memory; Downloading Postscript files; file name normalization; Menu objects in C++; review of GUIs and Topspped C, more

Summer 1990, vollume 4 number 4 -- Systems Programming -- Portable MS-DOS file package; TSRs under OS/2; Bye-order conversion; Allen Holub on Finite-State Automata; High-speed display of ellipses; Context-sensitive help in C++, Review of Code generators nad Microsoft 6.0; more

Autumn 1990, volume 5, number 1 -- Algorithms -- Complete Joystick Interface; file validation with CRC; a Callable Grep engine; MORE

WInter 1990-1991, volume 5 number 2 -- Graphic File Formats -- Printing PCX files; TIFF file Format; Postal Barcodes; Backtracking Algorithms; Dialog box design under Windows; Roundup of Source Code analysis tools, more

Spring 1991, volume 5 number 3 -- Compiler Technology -- Understanding and using .OBJ files; Resizing Hash Tables dynamically in C++; using EGA and VGA Palettes; comparative Linker review; MORE

June-July 1991, volume 5 number 4 -- Text Processing -- WYSIWYG Printing under Windows, by Michael Young -- Windows would be better described as a WYSIAWGY (What You See is Almost What You Get) environment... Young's article page 37; hyphenation by Allen Holub - an updated version of Knuth's rule-based algorithm; 2-D Scrolling; WordPerfect Document Format -- by Andrew Binstock - ASCII to WordPerfect conversion with a minimum of translation; Spooling with (by John Rex); editable strings in C++; Huffman Data Compression; A better Phonetic Search by Gary A. Parker - Metaphone improves the Soundex algorithm's method of finding phonetic matches; Review of Text Editors; MORE.