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Electronic Circuits and Tubes, first edition, fifth impression 1947. Cruft Electronics Staff.

Electronic Circuits and Tubes, first edition, fifth impression 1947.

McGraw-Hill Book Co, NY and London, stated first edition, fifth impression, 1947, 994 pages, index, diagrams throughout.
Condition: Good overall, hardcover, title on spine, worn along top and bottom spine ends and edges. The binding is weak for this thick binding, but secure, and the pages are clean, unmarked, toned with age and paper acidity. Bookplate of Harvard Nuclear Laboratory on front endpage, with accelerator library rubberstamps on titlepage from 1952.
Keywords: vacuum tubes
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Sections include, Alternating Current Theory -- Varying voltages and currents; ideal circuit elements; Series circuits; Parallel circuits;

Circuit Response -- response of Simple LR and CR units; series resonance; parallel resonance. Circuit Elements; Measurement of Circuit Elements; Networks and Impedance Matching; Transients; Coupled Circuits -- transient oscillations; forced oscillations;

Filters; Fourier Analysis; Electron Emission and the Diode; Multielement Tubes; Cathode-Ray Tubes; Amplifiers -- class A and class B - the vacuum tube as an ampllifier, cascading of amplifer stages, etc; Power Tubes; Oscillators; Gas-Filled Tubes

Rectifiers and Power Supplies; Signal Analysis -- fourier analysis of symmetrical pulse; distortion of signal going through a transducer; Principles of Modulation; Methods of Modulation -- amplitude modulation, angle modulation; Detection -- large-signal (linear) diode detection; small-signal (square law) diode detection; detection in multielement tubes; detection of frequency-modulated signals; Test Instruments -- vacuum-tube voltmeters;

Radio Receivers -- types not employing frequency conversion; superheterodyne receivers; short-wave receivers; disturbance to radio reception; receiver measurment and servicing; Timing Circuits; appendices and more.