Item #B286 The Complete Hypercard Handbook. Danny Goodman.

The Complete Hypercard Handbook.

Bantam Books, NY, 1987, 720 pages, Illustrations, Appendices, Index.

Condition: Very Good, large thick heavy softcover, prev. owner's name rubberstamp inside covers; The binding is sound and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: apple computers

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Item Description

Designed by Macpaint legend Bill Atkinson, HyperCard turns the Macintosh into a broadbased yet personalized system for storing, distributing and molding information... The first half of the book reveals every shortcut and undocumented feature the author knows for HyperCard browsing, graphics and authoring. The second half gently leads you into HyperCard's comprehensive programming level and the HyperTalk language. You get step-by-step explanations of several fully-featured Hyper-talk intensive applications... (from the rear cover)

Browsing Through HyperCard -- The Browsing Building Blocks, Finding & Entering Information, HyperCard Linking & Printing;

HyperCard's Authoring Environment -- Introduction to Authoring, All About Stacks, All About Layers, All About Backgrounds, All About Cards, All About Fields, All About Buttons, Basic Linking

Introduction to HyperCard's Painting Tools, HyperCard Painting Palettes, The Paint Menu, The Options Menu, Painting Strategies, Building a HyperCard Stack;

HyperCard's Programming Environment-- Introduction to HyperTalk, Messages, Hierarchy, & Inheritance, Introducing HyperTalk Commands, Navigation Commands, Action Commands, Arithmetic Commands, Object Manipulation Commands, Screen Manipulation Commands, Sound Commands, File Manipulation Commands, HyperCard Properties,

Introducing HyperTalk Functions,Time & Date Functions, Keyboard & Mouse Functions, Text Functions, Math Functions, Miscellaneous Functions, Mathematic Operators, Constants, HyperTalk Control Structures;

Applying HyperCard & HyperTalk -- Introduction to Applications, A Corporate Directory, A Telephone Logbook, A Time Sheet, A New & Improved To Do List, A Conversion Calculator, A Visual Outliner, Tips on Importing & Exporting Data, HyperTalk Reference.