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THE ART OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING hardcover, 3 volumes. Donald E. Knuth.


Addison Wesley, MA -- V1 (second edition, 1968, 1973 2nd printing 1975); V2 (1969, 1981 second edition); V3 (1973); 2,044 pages in 3 volumes; index at each volume, diagrams, references etc.
Condition: Very Good overall, 3 volumes hardcover, golden-yellow cloth, no dustjackets; some shelfwear, prev. owner's name. The bindings are secure, the internal pages are clean and unmarked.
Price: $75.00
Item no. B343
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The classic reference; readable, indepth, authoritative, with excellent bibliographical references.
VOL I FUNDAMENTAL ALGORITHMS - Basic Concepts - Algorithms; Mathematical Prelimns, induction, logarithms, integer functions, number theory, permutative & factorials, binomial coefficients, harmonic numbers, Fibonacci numbers, generating functions, asymptotic representations, MIX assembly language, Some fundamental programming techniques, subroutines, coroutines, interpretive routines, trace routines, etc; Information Structures - linear lists, stacks, queues, deques, sequential allocation, linked allocation, circular lists, arrays & orthogonal, Trees, binary, other, free trees, infinity lemma, path length, dynamic storage allocation, history & bibliography

VOL II SEMINUMERICAL ALGORITHMS - Random Numbers - generating uniform random numbers, linear congruential method, other methods; Statistical Tests, random data, spectral test, other types of random quantities, numerical distributions, random sampling & shuffling; Arithmetic - floating-point arithmetic, single-precision calculations, accuracy, double-precision, distribution; multiple-precision arithmetic, radix conversion, rational, fractions, factoring into primes, Polynomials, power series, more;

VOL III SORTING AND SEARCHING - combinatorial properties of permutations, inversions, multiset, runs, tableaux & involutions; internal sorting, selection, merging, distribution etc; Optimum sorting, networks for sorting etc; External sorting, polyphase merge, cascade, reading tape backwards, oscillating sort, practical considerations for tape merging, radix, two-tape sorting, disks and drums; history & bibliography; Searching - sequential, comparison of keys, ordered table, binary tree, balanced, multiway tree Digital searching, hashing, retrieval on secondary keys, more.