Computer Architecture, a Quantitative Approach; second edition. John Hennessy, David Patterson.

Computer Architecture, a Quantitative Approach; second edition.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, San Francisco CA 1990, second edition 1996; 760 pages plus approximately 160 pages of appendices and index, paginated separately; diagrams, tables, references.

Condition: Very good tan cloth hardcover in Very good tan dustjacket; light shelfwear, corner bump, some wear at jacket flap top. Thick heavy book, binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: computer architecture

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Contents include SECTIONS with multiple chapters in each; Fundamentals of Computer Design; Instruction Set Principles and Examples -- role of compilers, DLX archicture, etc; Each Section with Historical Perspectives and references at end of section;

Pipelining; Advanced Pipelining and Instruction-Level Programming; Memory-Hierarchy Design; Storage Systems

Interconnection Networks; Multiprocessors; Appendices include, Computer Arithmetic; Vector Processors; Survey of RISC Architecture; An Alternative to RISC -- the Intel 80x86; Implementing Coherence Protocols; more.