Two volumes; Digital Signal Processing I and II, selected papers. Oppenheim/Bergland IEEE Digital Signal Proc Committee.

Two volumes; Digital Signal Processing I and II, selected papers.

IEEE Press NY 1972, 517 pages; volume II 1976, 582 pages, double-column text, abstracts and text, Illustrations; references at ends of chapters; Author Index, Subject Index.

Condition: Very Good, each volume sound bindings, 9x12 large thick softcovers; Volume I edgewear and prev. owner's name on top front cover; Both volumes internal pages are clean and sound.

Keywords: digital signal processing

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Reprints of important papers in the field -- each SECTION with multiple papers and authors, from Transactions and Proceedings etc
Volume I Contents includes Digital Filters -- Fundamentals; Basic Design - infinite impluse Response filters; Finite Impulse response filters; The Fast Fourier Transform -- history and fundamentals -- An Algorithm for the Machine Calculation of Complex Fouriter Series (Cooley and Tukey 1965); Historical Notes on the Fast Fourier Transform (Cooley, Lewis and Welch) and more; programming and algorithms; Correlation, convolution and Spectral Analysis; Hardware; Effects of Finite word Lengths

Volume II Contents include Discrete Convolutions via Mersenne Transforms IEEE transactions on computers 1972; Number Theoretic Transforms to Implement fast digital convolution; Fast one-dimensional dig. convol. by multidimensional techniques; Applic of fast Fourier Transform to computation of fourier integrals, series & convol; Fast Fourier transform method of comp. difference equations & simulating filters; Discrete Representation of Signals; On Deconvolution using discrete Fourier transform; Linear prediction;

ONE DIMENSIONAL DIGITAL FILTERING -- Finite Impulse Response Filter Design - FIR digital filter design techn. using weighted chebyshev approx; A Computer Program for designing optimum FIR Linear Phase digital filters; Approx. design rel. for low-pass FIR; non recursive digital filter design; Infinite Impulse Response Filter Design; Digital Filter Theory; TWO-DIMENSIONAL SIGNAL PROCESSING -- General; Finite Impulse Response Filter Design; Infinite Impulse Response Filter Stability & Design;

FINITE WORD LENGTH EFFECTS -- Round Off; Coefficient Sensitivity; Limit Cycles; NETWORK STRUCTURES - suppression of Parasitic Oscillations in wave digital filters; analysis of linear digital networks; digital lattice & ladder filter synthesis; successive multiplier-extracti approach; more; HARDWARE -- second order digital filter; linear phase; realiz. of nonrecursive dig. filters; parallelism in fast fourier transform hardware (1973); TERMINOLOGY and MORE.