Item #B413 Leading Edge Word Processing User's Guide. Leading Edge software, IBM PC XT Leading edge XT hard-disk.

Leading Edge Word Processing User's Guide.

Leading Edge Software Products, MA, 1984, 1985, 301 pages, diagrams, Appendices, Index.

Condition: Very Good red cardstock covers, softbound; some rubbing along spine, vertical creases; on spine but binding is solid, square and tight; pages clean and unmarked. For the IBM, Leading Edge, or IBM compatible personal computer and IBM PC XT, Leading Edge XT.

Price: $6.00

Item Description

PRELIMINARIES -- The Leading Edge Word Processing Package; TUTORIAL FOR THE NOVICE -- Using the Tutorial Lessons, Lesson One - Creating a Document, Lesson Two - Entering Text, Lesson Three - Editing - Moving Text, Lesson Five - Formatting, Lesson Six-Printing, Summary, The Next Step;

GETTING STARTED -- What You Need to Get Started, Booting the System, Loading Leading Edge Word Processing, The Document Directory & Main Menu Screen, Creating a Document, Automatic Save, Closing a Document, Turning Off the System; EDITING TEX T-- Opening a Document, Moving Through the Document, Marking a Place in a Document, Using Highlighting to Define Blocks of Text, Correcting Mistakes, Cut, Paste, Block Insert, Editing Tools, Safeguarding & Protecting Information;

FORMATTING -- The Format Line, Inserting a New Format Line, Page Breaks, Go to Page, Headers & Footers, The Page Format Menu, Special Formatting Functions, The Screen Display; PRINTING -- Printing from the Print Menu, Suspending Printing, Printing from the Screen with Hot Print;

MORE ABOUT EDITING -- Menu Selections, More About Highlighting, Selecting & Applying Attributes, Storing & Recalling Text - Named Cut & Paste, Storing & Restoring Deleted Text, Search, Replace & Global Replace, Working with Two Documents-Windows, Pasting Text Between Documents, Joining Two Documents;

THE FILING SYSTEM -- Organizing Information, LEWP's Filing System, Identifying & Retrieving Documents, Using the Standard Document as a Form, Automatic Backup, Screen Settings, File Maintenance; FOR THE ADVANCED USER -- Creating Special Characters, LEWP & Sidekick, LEWP Commands, An Into to Macros, Macro Files, Macro Entries, The Macro Filing System;

MERGE PRINT -- The Merge Data File & the Form Document, Handling Nonstandard Informatin, Notes on Field Specifiers, Alternating Sources for the Merge Data File, Printing Labels; SPELLING Correction etc. For the IBM, Leading Edge, or IBM compatible personal computer and IBM PC XT, Leading Edge XT, or IBM compatible hard-disk systems.