Crafting C Tools for the IBM PCs. Joe Campbell.

Crafting C Tools for the IBM PCs.

Prentice Hall NJ 1986, Taiwan edition, text in English, 434 pages, index.

Condition: Very Good, large softcover, white glossy cardstock covers with titles in blue and black; light shelfwear, prev. owner's name inside cover, binding is sound and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

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You have learned C. You have completed the traditional programming exercises -- Black Jack, a perpetual calendar, The Tower of Hanoi, the Fibonacci number series, prime numbers, factorials and the like... What now? This book provides tips for making programming tools. It's a reference for C programming, 8086 assembly language, and PC DOS all under one cover. Uisng a combination of C and assembly language you will learn how to write directly to video memory for lightning-fast displays; create screen windows and pop-up menus; handle interrupts painlessly; perform sophisticated, interrupt-driven serial communicaitons; manipulate PC DOS directory entries, and much more. INCLUDES Recipes for Specific Compilers such as Lattice C, De Smet/C Ware, Microscoft C, Manx/Aztec C and others.