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Description of A Magnetic Drum Calculator. The Staff of the Computation Laboratory, Annals of the Computation Laboratory of Harvard University volume 25.

Description of A Magnetic Drum Calculator.

Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA 1952, first edition; 318 pages, index, diagrams, photographs.
Condition: Very Good overall, large dark blue hardcover, titles in gilt on spine, corners show wear, some wear along spine ends; the binding is strong and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.
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; 1952 annals of the computation laboratory of Harvard University volume 25 Contents include, Organization of the Calculator; Basic Circuits; Storage System; Arithmetic Units; The Elementary Functions; Numerical Input and Output Devices; Sequencing and Control; Instructional Tape Preparation Table; Operation of the Calculator; Problem Preparation and Solution of Typical Examples; Appendices --Constants in fast storage; List of Codes; Index

In January 1948, prior to the completion of the Mark II Calculator, the Bureau of Ordinance of the United States Navy requested the Staff of the Comptuation Laboratory to undertake an investigation of automatic digital computing machinery with particular reference to the use of electronic components. This research culminated in the construction of the magnetic drum calculator, Mark III, on which work was started during the summer of 1948. The machine was completed in March 1950, at which time it was removed to the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia. Operation on a production basis was started about a year later... (from the Preface by Howard Aiken, Director of the Computation Laboratory).