Introduction to the Logical Design of Switching Systems. H. C. Torng.

Introduction to the Logical Design of Switching Systems.

Addison-Wesley Publishing 1964; 2nd printing 1966; 286 pages, index, bibliography, drawings.

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Contents include Automation; computer switching; telephone switching; Switching Algebra (variable, truth, ops, tables, theorems, negation, etc); Formulation of Switching Systems (functions for binary adder, etc); Circuit Realization, Relay Logic (relay gates, bridge networks etc); Diode Logic; (Switching Function Manipulation Methods (map, tabulation etc); Transistor Gates (direct-coupled, diode-transistor etc); Core Gates (magnetic, mirror notation, threshold switching); Muliterminal Networks (tree nets etc); Cascaded Networks; Sequential Circuits; From Circuit Specs to State Table (parity-bit generators etc); Simplif. of State Tables; State Assignment & the Completion of Design; Asynchronous Circuits; more.