16-Bit Modern Microcomputers, the Intel I8086 Family. George Gorsline.

16-Bit Modern Microcomputers, the Intel I8086 Family.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1985, 516 pages, index, diagrams, tables.

Condition: VerY Good or a bit better, large thick glossy cover, textbook style, hardcover. The binding is sound and secure, the pages are clean and unmarked.

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Sections with multiple chapters include, The Classical Microcomputer; The Intel 8086/8088; Program Flow of Control; Manipulating Data; Input/Output; The I8087 Numerica Data Processor; ASM 86 -- the Intel 8086/8087/8088 Assembly Language;

I8-89 Direct Memory Access and Channel-oriented Input/Output; Operating Systems -- historical perspective; CP/M-86 a control program for microcomputers; UNIX; the iRMX 86 Operating system

Assemblers and Linkers; Procedural-Level Languages; The Intel/I186/I188 and the Intel I286, iAPX; Computer-to-Computer Communication, protocols etc; and MORE.