Item #B514 Op Amp Handbook. Fredrick Hughes.

Op Amp Handbook.

Prentice-Hall, NJ 1981, later printing; 294 pages, index, diagrams, appendices including specifications etc.

Condition: Near Fine, red and white illus. glossy-coated hardcover, binding is tight and secure, pages are clean and unmarked.

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Item Description

Chapters cover how an op amp functions, Op Amp Characteristics and parameters, types of op amps and package configurations etc; Basic Op-Amp Circuits - voltage comparator, inverting amplifer, noninverting amplifier, voltage followers, differnce amplifer etc; Signal Processing with op amps;

Applications to Audio Circuits; Op-amp Protection, stability and testing;

Experiments to determine op amp characteristics and parameters; Basic of op amp Circuit design; Collection of Practical Op Amp Circuits; Selected Manufacturers' op-am Specification Sheets; and more.