Digital Applications of Magnetic Devices; magnetic core memory. Albert J. Meyerhoff, UNIVAC Burroughs Corporation, Westinghouse, Remington Rand.

Digital Applications of Magnetic Devices; magnetic core memory.

John Wiley & Sons NY, 1960, 604 pages, Illus, photographs, Index, Glossary, References bibliography.

Condition: Good overall, dark blue cloth hardcover; spine title rubbed; ex-university library stamps on pastedowns, remains of label on spine; rear hinge weak, outer hinges rubbed; binding sound, pages unmarked.

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FUNDAMENTALS -- Magnetic core, Basic Magnetism- Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Fields & Electric Current Relationships, Fields Inside a Material, Magnetic Fields & Electric Voltage Relationships; Ferromagnetism - Hysteresis Loop, Mechanisms, Dynamics; Fabrication of Magnetic Cores; Properties of the Ideal Digital Magnetic Core;

PARAMETERS & UNITS - Flux Parameters & Units; Mmf; Permeability; Time; Turns; Dimensions; Switching Parameters & units; Complete & partial switching; ONE & ZERO conventions; MAGNETIC CORES - basic equations, Equivalent Circuits for the Switching Core; Cores as elements of more Complicated Circuits, Nonideal Cores; Measurement of Core Parameters;

DIODES & TRANSISTORS; FUNCTIONAL TERMINOLOGY Nature of Signals, Functional Terms; Functional Operation of Cores, Logic Functions, Functional Elements & Subsystems, Logical Design Procedure; PARALLEL MAGNETIC PULSE AMPLIFIERS - PMA Form & operation - PMA Transfer Loops; Noise; systems; PMA CIRCUIT DESIGN - tolerances, procedures, Detailed Design of SD Loop, modifications & examples; Detailed Design of SW Loop, modif & examples; High-Speed SW Loop, MORE;

PMA LOGICAL DESIGN - shifting elements, logic elements, counters, serial binary adder, application to a small system, etc; PMA INPUT-OUTPUT CIRCUITS - data input circuits, driver-triggering circuits, data output circuits; PMA CURRENT DRIVERS - specifications, Thyratron driver, Vacuum Tube Driver, Transister Driver, etc; PMA SYSTEMS ASPECTS testing etc; DELAY PARALLEL MAGNETIC PULSE AMPLIFIERS -- Delay PMA Circuit Design, Network design etc; DELAY PMA LOGICAL DESIGN two-way circuits, counters, scalers & pattern generators, etc; SERIES MAGNETIC PULSE AMPLIFIERS-- SMA Form & Operation - history of SMA circuits, etc;

SMA CIRCUIT DESIGN power gain, sine-wave power pulses, design method etc; SMA LOGICAL DESIGN; POWER SUPPLIES; SYSTEMS ASPECTS; MEMORIES -- Form & Operation, limits on core switching etc; COINCIDENT-CURRENT MEMORY CCM, LSM linear selection memory; SPECIAL-PURPOSE.