Artificial Intelligence Techniques, 1965. E. B. Carne.

Artificial Intelligence Techniques, 1965.

MacMillan & Co, London; Spartan Books Washington, D.C., 1965; 149 pages, index, some diagrams.

Condition: Good to very good overall, orange hardcover, no dustjacket, title on spine; ex-technical library label remains on lower spine, pocket at rear; cloth worn at spine ends, rubbed at extremities, rubberstamp on top textblock fore-edge. The binding is a bit shaken but sound overall. Interior pages are clean.

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Contents include, Introduction -- intelligence and learning; sensory organs, organization, memory etc; Models -- Neuron Models - formal neuron; automaton; adaptive linear neuron; Perceptron; membrane models; Neuristor; Transistor Models; Multi-aperture Magnetic Core Neuron; Binary Logical element; Conditional Probability Computer;

Simple Learning Systems -- learning network; goal network; reinforcement; etc; Applications -- Pattern Recognition -- Chrysler Optical Processing Scanner; RCA Phonetic Typewriters; Artificial Sensors; Threshold devices; Ideal Pattern Recognizer;

Programming --Assemblers and Compilers; Heuristic Techniques; Tic-tac-toe; Checkers, Chess and other topics; MORE; Reliable Networks - von Neumann's Bundles; Self-repair; more.