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Digital Logic and Microprocessors. Fredrick Hill, Gerald Peterson.

Digital Logic and Microprocessors.

John Wiley & Sons, NY 1984, 539 pages, index, diagrams.
Condition: Good overall, dark blue hardcover titles in silver on cover and spine, cover has stylized illustration in light blue metallic, of computer terminal, output device (printer) and etc. The binding is sound, front hinge reglued; some wear along corners and spine ends; pages clean.
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Item no. B620
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Sections include, Between the Transistor and the High-level Language; Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic; 0, 1 -- binary numbers or logical values; Standard Digital Integrated Circuits; Comptuer Arithmetic and Codes; Combinational MSI Parts, ROMs, and PLAs; Sequential Circuits; Synthesis of State Machines; Register Transfer Deisgn; Small Computer Organization and PRogramming; Addressing and assembly language; Microprocessor-based Systems Design; MORE. Appendices include, Summary of TB6502 instruction set, opcodes, bytes, cycles; Mapping the TB6502 into the 6502.