Item #B627 Lot of 23 individual Bell Telephone System Monographs, see list. Var., Bell Telephone System Technical Publications.

Lot of 23 individual Bell Telephone System Monographs, see list.

Bell Telephone System Technical Publications, monographs, 8.5x11 blue-gray covers, stapled bindings, var. pagination, 5-hole punched at margins.

Condition: Good to very Good overall, 23 individual Monographs; 8.5x11, light blue and gray covers, var. pagination; five-hole punched at margins; the pages are clean and sound, some issues with fading or old stains along front cover margins, one issue rather bumped/frayed along bottom corner and edges of pages not affecting text.

Price: $30.00

Item Description

Includes -- The Permalloy Problem (Bozorth); On the Motion of Gaseous Ions in a Strong Electric Field (Wannier); Stress Relaxation in Plastics and Insulating Materials (Wright); In Search of the Missing 6 db (Munson and Wiener);

Measuring Liquids with Traveling Torsional Waves (McSkimin); Energy of a Bloch wall on the Band Picture (Herring); Motion of Gaseous Ions in Strong Electric Fields (Wannier); Field Emission Microscope and Flash Filament Techniques for study of metal surfaces (Becker and Hartman);

Analysis of Measurements on Magnetic Ferrites (Owens); Broad-Band Matching with a Directional Coupler (Jakes, jr); Lifetimes of Metastable States of noble gases (Phelps and Molnar); Methods in Electron Microscopy of Solids (Heidenreich);

The Formation of Negative Ions of Sulphur Hexafluoride (Ahear and Hannay); A Theoretical Study of an Antenna-Reflector Problem (Jakes); Outdoor Exposure Testing of racks and test fences (Compton); Vitreous Silica for Ultrasonic Delay Line applications (Pennell);

Connection Formulas between solutions of Mathieu's Equation (Wannier); DC Field Distribution in a 'swept intrinsic' semi-conductor configuration (Prim); Circular Electric Waves in Bends (Miller); Properties of Tetragonal Crystal ND4D2PO4 (Mason and Matthias);

Experiments with Linear Prediction in Television (Harrison); Photoelectric Properties of Ionically Bombarded Silicon (Kingsbury and Ohl); Multichannel single-sideband Radio Transmitter Design (Klenk, Munn, Nedelka et al); Determination of Al and Be in non-ferrous alloys (Luke, Braun and Campbell).