Natural Deduction -- The Logical Basis of Axiom Systems. John M. Anderson, Henry W. Johnstone Jr.
Natural Deduction -- The Logical Basis of Axiom Systems
Natural Deduction -- The Logical Basis of Axiom Systems

Natural Deduction -- The Logical Basis of Axiom Systems.

Wadsworth Publishing Co. CA, 1962, 418 pgs, Formulas, Suggested Readings, Index.

Condition: Good overall, black cloth hardcover, no dustjacket, light edgewear, prev. owner's name on pastedown, some blue ink marginal notes on a few pages first 20 pages or so, one later chapter with underlining and notations; otherwise binding sound, most of the text clean.

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Introduction to Logic - Proof & Rules of Inference- An Example of an Axiom System- Simple Order, Recapitulation; The Propositional Rules- The Rules for &, etc., Negation Rules, A List of Important Propositional Rules, Names, Statements, & Schemata, Rule of Replacement, Rule of Substitution, A Brief Note on Translation, Some Applications of the Rules, Recapitulation- the Materials of Proof; Matrices, Normal Forms, & Duality- Truth-Functional Tests of Deductions, Statements & Truth Values, Tautology, Contradiction, & Interdefinability, Normal Forms, Duality;

Some Other Propositional Logics- Multi-valued Logics, Intuitionistic Logic, Modal Logic; Introduction to Predicate Logic- Individual Variables, Quantification, Notes on Symbolizing Ordinary Language, Formulas, Scopes, Bound & Free Variables, Statement Functions & Propositional Rules of Inference, Rules of Inference for Monadic Predicate Logic, Deductions in Monadic Predicate Logic, Derived Rules; General Predicate Logic-First Order -- Introduction, Relations, Derived Rules of GPL-1, General Predicate Logic-Higher Order; Identity & Description- Identity, At Least & At Most, Descriptions;

Introduction to Metatheory -- Axiom Systems & the Axiomatic Method- Euclidian Geometry, The Development of Axiom Systems, Boolean Algebra-An Axiom System, The Problem of Consistency, Independence & Completeness; The Metatheory of Propositional Logic- Consistency, Formal Systems, A Proof of the Consistency of PL, The Completeness of the Propositional Rules, Decidability; The Metatheory of Monadic Predicate Logic, Formal System of MPL, Validity, The Consistency of the Rules of MPL, The Completeness of MPL; Decidability, Note on Decision Procedures; Aspects of the Metatheory of General Predicate Logic - Formal System of GPL-1, k-Validity & Consistency, Infinite Domains & the Metatheory of GPL-1; Intuitive Set Theory; Logic & Set Theory; MORE.