Microcomputers in Landscape Architecture.

Elsevier, NY, 1983, 271 pgs, Illustrations, Photographs, Bibliography, Appendices, Glossary, Index.

Condition: Very Good or bit better, a clean solid & tight hardcover, glossy pictorial covers, corners and spine ends slight rubbing, small name in pencil on endpaper otherwise unmarked.

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Overview, The Decision to Computerize, Computer Hardware, Graphic Peripherals, Computer Software, Computer Languages;

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS -- Word Processing, Accounting, Cost Estimating, Information Management, Engineering & Construction, Project Management, Networks & Electronic Mail, Graphics & Automated Drafting, Site Analysis, Regional Analysis;

INTRODUCTION TO THE BASIC LANGUAGE -- Varialble, Constants, Operators, & Functions, Assignment & Simple Input & Output, IF & GO TO Statements, An Area Computation Program-POLY, Program Documentation;

ELEMENTS OF ADVANCED BASIC -- Arrays, A Distance Conversion Program-DIST, Strings, Subroutines & User Functions, Files;

DIGITAL TERRAIN MODELS -- Creation of a Digital Terrain Model File-DTM, Computer Mapping with Characters of Symbols, CRTMAP & PRTMAP, Interpreters, Compilers, & Program Speed, Modifications to CRTMAP & PRTMAP;

SLOPE, SOLAR POTENTIAL, AND RUNOFF --Slope Aspect from Digital Terrain Models-SLOPE, Solar Potentials as Equivalent Latitude-EQUIVLAT, Runoff Estimation & Models-RUNOFF, Modifications-RUNOFF; LINE PLOTTING--Driving a Small Plotter, Sections Through a Digital Terrain Model-SECTION;

PERSPECTIVES -- Data Structures or Perspective Calculations- PERSPPTS & PERSPLIN, A Persepective Program- PERSP, Hidden Lines & Clipping, Graphics on Computer Plots; SUN AND SHADOW CALCULATIONS -- Solar Path on a View Plane-SOLPATH, Shadowing Calculations-SHADOW;

EARTHWORK CALCULATIONS -- Cut and Fill with Digital Terrain Models - EARTHWRK, Cut and Fill with Cross Sections-CUTFILL; PLANT SELECTION -- Data Base Management Systems, An Example with dBase II;

REGIONAL ANALYSIS AND LANDSCAPE ASSESSMENT-- Potential Applications, An Example with dBase II; PROJECT MANAGEMENT- THE CRITICAL PATH METHOD -- Critical Path Method - CRITPATH; appendices incl Plottting Programs; The Mathematics of Perspective.