Microprocessor-Based Design, A Comprehensive Guide to Hardware Design. Michael Slater.

Microprocessor-Based Design, A Comprehensive Guide to Hardware Design.

Mayfield Publishing, CA, 1987 first edition; 600 pages; Illustrations, Photos, Bibliographies, Index.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better, black hardcover, no dustjacket; binding is tight, pages are clean and unmarked. A nice copy of this. Great photos & diagrams, incl bibliographies at ends of each Section for research & reference needs.

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INTRO -- Historical Perspective, Fundamentals Review, Application Examples, When Not to Use Microprocessors, Aspects of Microprocessor-Based Design, Cost-Effective Design, Chips, Boards, & Boxes;

MICROPROCESSOR TYPES & SELECTION -- The 8-Bit Microprocessors; 16-Bit &32-Bit Microprocessors; 4-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputers; 16-Bit Single-Chip Microcomputers; Microprocesor & Microcomputer Selection;

BUS STRUCTURES -- Control Signal Architectures, Transfer Synchronization, Multiplexed Address/Data Buses, Privilege Modes & Address Modifiers, Interrupt Structures, Bus Arbitration, System Buses, Electrical Considerations, Design Example;

MEMORY -- Memory Interfacing, EPROM, Mask-Programmed ROM's, The Byte-Wide Standard-Design for Interchangeability, Static RAM, Dynamic RAM, Pseudo-Static RAM, Nonvolitile Read/Write Memory, Error Detection and Correction, Memory Management, Design Example;

BUS PERIPHERALS -- Peripheral Chip Interfacing, Programmable Counter/Timers, Combination Peripheral Chips, Watchdog Timers, Clock/Calendar Circuits, Direct Memory Access Controllers, Design Example;

THE USER INTERFACE -- User Interface Design, Keyboard Interfacing, Graphic Input & Pointing Devices, Speech Input Devices Audio Output Printers, Design Example;

DISPLAYS -- Display Fundamentals, Light-Emitting Diode Displays, Liquid Crystal Displays, Vacuum Flourescent Displays, Gas Discharge Displays,Other Display Technologies, CRT Displays;

DATA COMMUNICATION -- Data Commmunication Basic Data Communication Standards, Interfacing Serial Data to Microprocessors, IEEE-488 General- Purpose Interface Bus; MASS STORAGE-- Mass Storage Technology, Magnetic Tape Recording, Disk Fundamentals, Floppy Disks, Winchester Disks, Magnetic Bubble Memory;

MULTIPLE MICROPROCESSOR SYSTEMS -- Motivations, Applications, Multiprocessor System Design, Interconnection Methods, Shared-Bus Systems, Input/Output Processors, Coprocessors.