Microprogramming Principles and Practices, 1970, IBM Sys/360; RCA Spectra; Honeywell. Samir R. Husson.

Microprogramming Principles and Practices, 1970, IBM Sys/360; RCA Spectra; Honeywell.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1970 first edition; 614 pages, Illlus, Photographs, Appendices, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Good+ hardcover or a bit better, binding slightly shaken; pages clean, sound. Good reference for historical background, the architecture of many of the old systems current in 1970, & concepts & implementation of microprogramming techniques.

Keywords: History of microprogramming, computers in the 1970s, Bibliography of history of computing, Programming IBM system 360, RCA Spectra, Honeywell H4200, microprogrammable systems

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Principles of Microprogramming; Definition of microprogramming; Microprogram control -- Historical review, ROS word organization, Encoded control, Example 1- Microprogramming a hypothetical computer, Example 2-Multiplication microroutine with direct control implementation, Example 3- A second multiplication scheme with encoded control, ROS timing, ROS storage capacity and cost, Economic model for the microprogrammed logic, Microprogramming advantages & disadvantages, Desired computer characteristics for microprogramming applications;

Microprogramming Applications -- Possible performance improvement through microprogramming, Translation, simulation, & emulation, Conversational programming system, Large-aperture seismic-array signal processing -LASA, Microdiagnostics, An experimental time-sharing system;

Writable Control Storage -- Justification, Disadvantages, Designer support needed, High-level microprogamming language design specifications, Language description, Compiler, Macros;

Control Storage Technology - Read-only storage (ROS), Linear arrays, Nonlinear arrays, Optical systems, Semi-conductor read-only storage;

Microprogramming the IBM System - Model 20 data flow, Local storage, Main storage, Staticizer latches (stats) System timing, Read-only storage control, Channels, The Mechanics of microprogramming the Model,

Model 40 micro-orders, catalog, and decoding charts, Microprogramming the Model 40, ROS addressing & sequencing, Machine staticizers, Microinstruction trace;

Microprogramming the IBM System/360 Model 50 - System organization & data flow, data path, Shifter, Main storage in-out data path, Local storage data path, Counters, Stats, Basic system timing; CROS control word, Selector channel, Multiplexor; MORE.

Microprogramming the RCA Spectra 70 / Model 45 -- hardware; operational timing; microprogramming the Spectra 70/45; EO field decoding, scratch pad location mnemonics, source mnemonics, destination etc; M field setting and more;

Microprogramming the Honeywell H4200, 491 -- branching; microinstruction structure; data flow; H4200 system architecture; ROMAD; microprogram trace and examples, much more

Pioneering study details the historical background, concepts, technology & organization of microprogramming & microprogrammable systems... Includes valuable bibliographies - chronological & alphabetical - of the literature of the field..