The Personal Computer Book -- What are those television typewriters, anyway. Peter A. McWilliams.

The Personal Computer Book -- What are those television typewriters, anyway.

Prelude Press, CA, 1983 bookclub edition; 334 pages, Illustrations, Photographs, Appendix.

Condition: Very Good blue hardcover in Good+ dustjacket & clear dustjacket protector; binding is secure and sound, pages clean and unmarked; jacket shows chipping at all edges, shelftwear & small tears near flap fold. A nice clean copy of this; includes Up to Date Brand Name Buying Guide for the 1980s.

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ALL ABOUT COMPUTERS -- The Personal Computer, An Incomplete & No Doubt Inaccurate History of Personal Computers Including Some Basic Information on How They Work, Of Programs & Programming, Data Banks;

THE USES OF PERSONAL COMPUTERS -- An Overview of Part II, Personal Computers in Buisness, Word Processing, Personal Computers in Education, Games People Play, What Personal Computers Do Not Do Well, Personal Computers in the Home, Computers and Kids;

SELECTING AND PURCHASING A PERSONAL COMPUTER -- The Drawbacks of Personal Computers, Selecting A Personal Computer,

A Name-Brand Buying Guide -- Timex/Sinclair, Apple, Atari, Radio Shack, & Commodore, Apple IIE & Lisa, Atart 1200, VIC-20 & Commodore 64, Radio Shack Models IV, 12, 16, & 100, Epson HX-20, Sony Typerecorder,

Franklin Ace 1000 & 1200, Basis 108, Heath H-89 &n Zenith Z-89, Zenith Z-100 & Heath HZ-100, Osborne 1, Osborne Executive, Zorba, Kaypro II & 4, Kaypro 10, Morrow Micro Decision, Sanyo MBC 1000, Otrona Attache, Escort, Teleram T-3000, Toshiba T-100,

Cromemco, North Star Advantage, NEC APC, Telvideo 802, TelvideoTS 803, Xerox 820 II, Eagle 2E, IBM Personal Computer, IBM XT, DEC Rainbow 100, DECmate II, Victor 9000, Epson QX-10, Hewlett Packard HP-86 & HP-125,

Software, Printers, Peripherals -- Modems, Printers, Programs - 123, The Word & Word Plus, Communications Programs,- Micro Link II, LYNC; Networking; Peripherals - Disk Doctor, Interstellar Drive, Head Head Cleaner, Purchasing A Personal Computer,