Distributed Database Management Systems / EDP, CODASYL.

Lexington Books, MA, 1982 first edition, 163 pgs, Illustrations, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good hardcover, orange paper-covered boards with black titles & decorations on front cover & spine; no dustjacket; small thumbsized discoloration/stain mid-spine, otherwise clean & unmarked, tight binding and pages.

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Database Management Systems -- Database Management Objectives, development of Database Management Systems, Components of a Database Management System,

CODASYL Database Management Systems, Relational Database Management Systems, CODASYL to Relational Database Conversion;

Data Communication -- Basic Concepts, Comnmunications Technologies, Communications Architecture, Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model;

Distributed Processing -- Distributed Processing Objectives, Distributed System Architectural Assumptions, Distributed Processing Alternatives;

Distributed Database Management Concepts -- DDBMS Operations & Components, Distribution Alternatives, Distribution of the DDBMSComponents;

Data Distribution -- Data Placement Alternatives, Survey of Previous Research, Future Research;

Function Distribution -- Distributed Database Management Functions, Node Configurations; Update Synchronization -- Concurrency Control in a Centralized System, Update Synchronization in a distributed Environment, Global Locking, Dominant Copy Synchronization, Majority Consensus Synchronization, Multiple Protocol Synchronization;

Request Decomposition -- Request Decomposition in a Centralized DBMS, Request Decomposition in a Distributed DBMS Future Issues; Conclusion -- Summary, Administrative Issues, Future Directions.