Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation. Joseph L. Jones, Anita M. Flynn.
Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation
Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation

Mobile Robots, Inspiration to Implementation.

A K Peters, MA, 1993, 349 pgs, Illustrations, Photographs, Appendices, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Near Fine glossy pictorial hardcover, clean & tight binding & unmarked pages. A nice copy of this. Black & white and color photographs. Book is an 'outgrowth of the Robot Building Manual built for the MIT AI Lab's Robot Talent Show in 1989' (from the preface).

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Item Description

TuteBot -- A Tutorial Robot, Building TuteBot;

Computational Hardware -- Rug Warrior's Design Strategy, Microprocessors, Canonical Computer, Rug Warrior Logic, Hardware-Software Interface, Real-Time Control, Loading a Program, Alternatives; Designing & Prototyping -- Practical Problems, Connectors, Printed Ciruit Boards, Debugging;

Sensors -- Achieving Perception, Interfacing Sensors, Light Sensors, Force Sensors, Sound Sensors, Position & Orientation, Prorioreceptive Sensors;

Mechanics -- Locomotion, Adapting Mobile Platforms, Legged Locomotion, Construction Systems, Custom Construction; Motors-- Variety Abounds, How a DC Motor Works, Sizing a DC Motor, Gears, Motor Data Sheets, Motors for Rug Warrior, Interfacing Motors, Software for Driving Motors; Power -- Batteries, Recharging, Power Regulation, Isolation;

Robot Programming -- The Traditional Approach, The Subsumption Approach, Rug Warrior's Program, Implementing Subsumption, Subsumptiojn in IC, What Did We Do;

Unsolved Problems -- Navigation, Recognition, Learning, Gnat Robots, Cooperation, Thoughts. Appendices include detailed lists of data books, bibliography, index.

'The aim, simply put, is to teach the reader how to build a robot... the recent wide availability of home computers & the drastic reduction in the cost of microelectronics has put this goal well within reach... illuminating photographs, illustrations & accessible text guides the reader through the step by step process of constructing two different inexpensive yet fully functional robots with a varying range of abilities. More important, the book is designed to be a starting point for creating the robot of your dreams - to expand the imagination of a generation of robotics enthusiasts and to supply them with the requisite skills and tools to implement their dreams...' (from the rear cover).