Crypto -- How the Code Rebels Beat the Government; Saving Privacy in the Digital Age.

Viking, NY, 2001, 356 pgs, Notes, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better, hardcover, in Very Good dustjacket & clear dustjacket protector; with black felt-tip remainder mark along bottom of textblock, otherwise pages are clean, binding is tight, flap of jacket unclipped. A nice copy of this.

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Item Description

The Loner; The Standard; Public Key; Prime Time; Selling Crypto; Patents & Keys; Crypto Anarchy; The Clipper Chip; Slouching Towrd Crypto; Epilogue- The Open Secret

The first full-scale account of the great Code War that ... lucidly outlines the development of a 'people's' cryptography and its head-on collision with the US government. Crypto is about privacy in the information age and about the nerds and visionaries who, over 20 years ago, predicted that the Internet's greatest virtue -- free access to information -- was also its most perilous drawback -- a possible end to privacy...'(from the flap)

Covers public key encryption & solution, anonymous digital money, cypherpunks like Whit Diffie, Paul zimmermann and David Chaum... the human story of the breakthroughs...'.