Item #C06127 Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys. P. G. De Gennes, P A. Pincus.

Superconductivity of Metals and Alloys.

W.A. Benjamin, NY, 1966, 274 pgs, Illustrations, Graphs, Formulas, Index.

Condition: Good overall, dark gray hardcover, no dustjacket; corners bumped and hinges shaken, binding sound but cracked; pages are clean & unmarked.

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Fundamental Properties -- A New Condensed State, Diamagnetism, Absence of Low Energy Excitations, Two Kinds of Superconductors;

Magnetic Properties of First Kind Superconductors -- Critical Field of a Long Cylinder, Penetration Depths, Magnetic Properties of a Sample of Arbitrary Shape - Intermediate State; Magnetic Properties of Second Kind Superconductors -- Magnetization Curves of a Long Cylinder, Vortex State- Microscopic Description, Nonequilibrium Properties;

Description of the Condensed State -- Instability of the Normal State in the Presence of an Attractive Interaction, Origin of the Attractive Interaction, Ground State and Elementary Excitations, Calculations at Finite Temperature; The Self-Consistent Field Method -- The Bogolubov Equations, Theorems on the Pair Potential and the Excitation Spectrum, The Meissner Effect in Metals and Alloys;

Phenomenological Landau-Ginsberg Equations -- Intro, Construction of the Free Energy,, Equilibrium Equations, The Two Characteristic Lengths, Situations where - is constant, Situations where - Varies Spatially, Structure of the Vortex Phase in Strong Fields; Microscopic Analysis of the Landau-Ginsberg Equations -- Linearized Self-Consistancy Equation, Landau-Ginsberg Equations, Surface Problems in the Landau -Ginsberg Region;

Effects of Strong Magnetic Fields and of Magnetic Impurities -- Relation between Transition Temperatures and Time-Reversal Properties, Ergodic versus Nonergodic Behavior-Gapless Superconductivity, Dirty Superconductors in High Magnetic Fields.