IBM Technical Newsletter No. 7 August 1954, applied science division, papers. IBM Technical Newsletter No. 7 August 1954 / applied science div, Rich / McGee / Hankam / Acrivos, Amundsen / Poley / Brown.

IBM Technical Newsletter No. 7 August 1954, applied science division, papers.

IBM august 1954; 80 pages, 8.x5x11, stapled wraps, stiff cardstock covers, dark blue with white bars.

Condition: Very Good, some scuffing to front cover near staples, binding is tight, pages are clean & unmarked. Illustrated with wiring diagrams, block diagrams, panel board diagrams, timing charts, punched card details, equations and more.

Keywords: IBM calculating accounting machines, punched cards, 1954 electronic calculators

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CONTENTS -- Solution of Simultaneous Linear Equations and Computation of Inverse Matrices Using the IBM Card Programmed Calculator (Kenneth C Rich, US Naval Ordnance Test Station);
Notes on the CPC Model II & Component Machines (Eric Hankam, Watson Scientific computing Laboratory);
A Card-Numbering system for CPC Calculations (William McGee, General Electric Co);
A Method for Determining the Roots of a Secular Determinant of Order m, by Means of the IBM Model 602 - a Calculating Punch (Andrew Acrivos & Neal R Amundsen, Univ of Minnesota);

Notes on the 602-A and 604 (Supplement to Technical Newsletter No. 3) (Eric Hankam); 15 x 15 Multiplication on the 604 (Eric V Hankam, Watson Scientific COmputing Laboratory); 16 x 16 Multiplication on the 604 (Hankam); Differencing on the CPC - Model II (stanley Poley, Columbia University); Calculation of High Order Differences on the 607 Electronic Calculator (Hankam);

Rapid Differencing on IBM Accounting Machines (E Brown, Cornell University); Errata CPC (Card-Programmed Calculator), 418 Pilot and Co-selectors, Digit Selectors, coding selectors & column splits, 418 counters, 418 program unit, Accounting machines Types 402 - 405, flow charts.