Item #C06197 Computer Networks, a Systems Approach. Larry Peterson, Bruce Davie.

Computer Networks, a Systems Approach.

Morgan Kauffman, SF Calif., 1996, 552 pages, indexappendices, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good condition, large hardcover in dustjacket, clean and sound.

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Item Description

Includes, A systems oriented view of computer network design... underlying concepts for making sound network design decisions... The components of a network and how these fit together, transform raw hardware into richly functional, high-performance network systems...

Uses the Internet to illustrate how network protocols are designed... both LAN and WAN technology... implementation and performance -- TCP Congestion control, ATM networks, real-time services and RSVP, routing protocols, from RIP to BGP-4 and classless routing (CIDR); IPv6; network security, vidoe and video compression (MPEG).

Employs code fragments from a working protocol environment, the x-kernel, to demonstrate how protocol specifications and design principles are implemented. The complete code is available online for hands on experimentation. PRovides a comprehensive glossary of computer networking terminology (from the rear jacket cover).