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Computer Methods for Mathematical Computation. George Forsythe, Michael Malcolm, prentice-hall series in automatic computation Cleve Moler.

Computer Methods for Mathematical Computation.

Prentice-Hall NJ 1977, 4th printing; 259 pages, Index, illustr, References, exercises.
Condition: Very Good dark gray hardcover, titles in red on spine & in gilt on front board; in Good red & white dustjacket, with clear protective jacket cover added. Jacket with small closed tears, chipped at fold, missing small pieces at top of jacket spine and lower righthand jacket corner.
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Item no. C06218
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Subroutines and exercises for the computer solution of problems involving matrices, integrals, differential equations, spline functions, zeros and extrema of functions, least squares, and Monte Carlo techniques.

Intended primarily for a course in numerical computing, this text can be used as supplement to a more theoretical text in a numerical analysis course.

The programs have been carefully written so that they easily may be used on a wide variety of computers with little or no modification (from the dustjacket) FORTRAN subroutines.

Includes - Introd & bibliography; Floating-Point Computation; Random Number generation & Monte Carlo methods; Optimization; Singular Value Decomposition; Interpolation; more.