Item #C06220 Computer Programming and Architecture -- The VAX-11. Henry M. Levy, Richard H. Eckhouse Jr.

Computer Programming and Architecture -- The VAX-11.

Digital Press (DEC) 1980 stated first printing; 407 pages, Index, appendices; ISBN 0-932376-07-X.

Condition: Very Good+ light gray hardcover in Very Good dustjacket and clear protective dustjacket cover. Binding is tight, pages clean & unmarked.

Keywords: VAX-11, DEC Digital Equipment Corporation, computers in the 1980s, VMS architecture, assembly language programming

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Item Description

CONTENTS - THE USER ARCHITECTURE - arch. & implementation; Computer Structures & Elementary VAX-11 Programming; using Assembly language etc; Instruction & Addressing Fundamentals - VAX-11 instruction characteristics, etc; More Advanced Programming Techniques - jump, case statements, loop, stack, subroutines & procedures, fast linkages, recursion, macros etc; Data-Types & Data Structures; Comparative Architectures - IBM System 360/370 Instruction Set Architecture; The Control Data Cyber Series Architecture; The IBM Series 1 Instruction Set Architecture; more;

THE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE - Physical Input & Output - high speed devices, magnetic disks, tape etc; console & floppy; low speed devices, line printer, terminal multiplexing; The Support of an Operating system - sharing, access modes, switching etc; VAX-11 Memory Management - structure, page tables, address space regions, I/O handling;

Structure of VAX-11 Operating system - VMS; The Operating System Interface - user-level interface, the command language, file conventions, manipulative commands, informational commands, extending the command language; program development software, editor linker, debugging etc; VMS system services, mailboxes, event flags, combining interprocess communication mechanisms etc;

The Efficient Implementation of an Architecture - choice of memory, cache memory on the VAX-11, buffer, evolution of the VAX architecture, the family concept, etc. APPENDICES - VAX-11 Instruction set description; VAX/VMS terminal input/output routines. Bibliography, Index, chapter summaries, exercises and references at ends of each chapter.