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Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards, 3 volumes, hardcover. William Stallings.

Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards, 3 volumes, hardcover.

Macmillan Publishing Co, NY 1987-1988; 3 volume set, 322 + 244 + 206 pages; illus, Index.
Condition: Very Good overall, upper corners of all 3 volumes bumped. Bindngs are tight, appear unread; all vols. with prev. owner's name neatly on endpaper. Silver glossy boards w/ darkgreen (v1), red(v2) & blue(v3) lettering.
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The Macmillan Database/Data Communications Series, Jay Ranade series editor.
Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards --
Volume I -- The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model and OSI-Related Standards;
Volume 2 -- Local Network Standards;
Volume 3 -- The Department of Defense (DOD) Protocol Standards

Volume I - a description of the master plan for all computer-communications standards, the OSI model. The book also provides a detailed presentation of OSI-related standards at all 7 laters, including HDLC, X.25, ISO Internet, ISO transport, ISO session, ISO presentation, Abstract Syntax One (ASN.1), and common application service elements (CASE).

Volume 2 - A detailed examination of all current local network standards including logical link control (LLC, IEEE 802.2), CSMA/CD (IEEE 802.3), token bus (IEEE 802.4) token ring (IEEE 802.5), and fiber distributed data interface (FDDI, ANS X3T9.5).

Volume 3 -- A description of the protocol standards that are mandated on all DOD computer procurements and are becoming increasingly popular on commercial local network products, including TCP, IP, FTP, SMTP and TELNET All of these books provide a clear tutorial exposition, a discussion of the relevance and value of each standard, an analysis of options within each standard, and an explanation of the underlying technology. (from the endpages of volume 3). A nice solid set of this reference.