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Computer System Organization, The B5700, B6700 Series, Burroughs, ACM Monograph Series. Elliott I. Organick.

Computer System Organization, The B5700, B6700 Series, Burroughs, ACM Monograph Series.

Academic Press NY 1973, second printing 1974; 132 pages, Index, bibliography, color illustrations.
Condition: About Very Good, black cloth hardcover with titles in silver & gold, in Good+ dustjacket; jacket chipped at spine ends, closed tear at upper front. Binding is tight & solid, pages are clean & unmarked.
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CONTENTS -- An Overview; Block-structured Processes and the B6700 Job; Basic Data Structures for B6700 Algorithms - operand stacks, treatment of system intrinsics, block exits & returns, procedure calls, hardware interrupts as hardware-fabricated procedure calls, small working sets, sharing programs & data;

TASKING - creation & coordin of tasks, attributes, illustrative problem; STACK STRUCTURE & OWNERSHIP - critical block concept, dependent versus independent tasks;

SOFTWARE INTERRUPTS - illus. example, data structures for software interrupts, interrupting a sleeping task & other problems, resource-oriented synchronizing primitives, software interrupt caveats;

ON STORAGE CONTROL STRATEGIES - storage control at block exit; preventing dangling pointers;

THE B6700 PROS & CONS - user language & user program performance; the operating system; hardware limitations and future improvements;

SOME HARDWARE DETAILS OF PROCEDURE ENTRY & RETURN AND TASKING - overview, the stack vector, information & addressing structure, stack build-up & procedure entry, hardware interrupts, multiple processors, job & task initiation. Burroughs Corporation B5700/B6700 series of computers, higher-level languages like ALGOL, COBOL, PL/1 and FORTRAN, coloured diagrams throughout.