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Proceedings of the IRE Transistor Issue, separate issue, Vol 40 No 11, November 1952. transistors, Proceedings of the IRE / Institute of Radio Engineers, Shockley.

Proceedings of the IRE Transistor Issue, separate issue, Vol 40 No 11, November 1952.

Institute of Radio Engineers, NY 1952; separate whole issue, in blue & white wraps, as issued;8.5x11.
Condition: Very Good, rubbed & small abrasion along spine, small stain at top, inch tear top rear; thick issue with some signs of reading & wear, but solid tight binding & clean unmarked pages. Pp 1283-1632 + 176 pages of adverts. Blue & white covers, w/ additional Table of Contents page bound-in with black-and-white alternating chevrons printed at outer TOC edge for easy reference.
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This is the separate Transistor Issue of 1952, with articles on Transistor Lineage; Transistors in our civilian Economy (JW McRae); Transistors in the Military (IR Obenchain & Galloway); Transistor Electronics - Imperfections, Unipolor and Analog Transistors (Shockley);

Present Status of Transistor development (Morton); Properties of Silicon & Germanium (Conwell); Preparation of Germanium Single Crystals (Roth & Taylor); P-N Junctions by Impurity Introduction through an Intermediate Metal Layer (Armstrong); Lifetime of Injected Carriers in Germanium (Navon, Bray & Fan); Silicon P-N Junction Alloy Diodes (Pearson & Sawyer);

A Developmental Germanium P-N-P Junction Transistor (Law, Mueller, Pankove & Armstrong); Fused Impurity P-N-P Junction Transistors (Saby); Four-Terminal P-N-P-N Transistors (Ebers); A Unipolar 'Feild Effect' Transistor (FET) (Shockley); Junction Fieldistors (Stuetzer); The Control of Frequency Response and Stability of Point-Contact Transistors (Slade); Low-Drain Transistor Audio Oscillator (Thomas); A Junction Transistor Tetrode for High Frequency Use (R L Wallace, Jr, Schimpf and Dickten); Effects of Space-Charge Layer Widening in Junction Transistors (Early); New Photoelectronic Devices Utilizing Carrier Injection (Lehovec); Properties of M-1740 P-N Junction Photocell (Shive); Hall Effect (Lindberg); Measurement of Minority carrier lifetime in Germanium (Valdes); Theory of Alpha for P-N-P Diffused Junction Transistors (Steele); Effect of Electrode Spacing on the Equivalent Base Resistance of Point-Contact Transistors (Valdes);

transistor Operation - stabilization of Operating Points (Shea); Oscilloscopic Display of Transistor Static Electrical Characteristics (Golden & Nielsen); On the Theory of Noise in P-N Junctions and Related Devices (Petritz); An Experimental Investigation of Transistor Noise (Keonjian & Schaffner); Transistor Noise in Circuit Applications (H C Montgomery); Variation of Transistor Parameters with Temperature (Coblenz & Owens); Frequency Variations of Current-Amplification Factor for Junction Transistors (Pritchard); Transistor Amplifier-Cutoff Frequency (Thomas); On Some Transients in the Pulse Response of Point-Contact Germanium Diodes (Waltz); Pulse Duration and Repetition Rate of a Transistor Multivibrator (McDuffie); Junction Transistor Equivalent Circuits and Vacuum-Tube Analogy (L J Giacoletto); Matrix Representation of Transistor Circuits (Shekel);

Dynamics of Transistor Negative-Resistanc Circuits (Farley); Control Applications of the Transistor (Alexanderson); Power Rectifiers and Transistors (Hall); A High-Voltage, Medium-Power Rectifier (Rouault & Hall); Application of Transistors to High-voltage Low-current Supplies (Bryan); Printed Circuitry for Transistors (Danko & Gerhold); Transistors in Airborne Equipment (Stuetzer); Transistor Trigger Circuits (Lo); Transistors in Switching Circuits (Anderson); Graphical Analysis of Some Transistor Switching Circuits (Hunter & Fleisher); A Transistor Reversible BInary Counter (trent); An Optical Position Encoder and Digit Register (Follingstad, Shive & Yaeger);

Regenerative Amplifier for Digital Computer Applications (Felker); A Transistor Shift Register and Serial Adder (Harris); more.

'This present, greatly expanded issue of the Proceedings... is one assigned to a novel, significant, and rapidly developing field, namely, the broad subject of semiconductors and those of their properties and applications of primary interest to the members of the Insitute. Specifically, it is concerned also with electronc devices based on germanium, thus including the whole class of components known as 'transistors'. Upon its emergence four years ago, the transistor promised to be one of the truly major advances, even in an art which has been accustomed to giant-stride progress. The fulfillment of this promise, however, depended on the difficult task of determining how to transform the transistor from a laboratory oddity to a practical device which could be manufactured uniformly and in quantity...' (from the introduction in this issue)

From, Spencer & moore sec. 47 p. 215 -- Items 1712 - 1715, The various papers cover the physics, characteristics and applications of transistors. Papers which include bibliographies are listed below as separate entries; shockley's FET paper, a theory for a new form of transistor is presented; footnote references, 9 items, 1947-1951.