Item #C06243 Interactive Computer Graphics - tutorial and selected readings. Herbert Freeman, IEEE Computer Society.

Interactive Computer Graphics - tutorial and selected readings.

IEEE computer society, CA & IEEE NY 1980; 415 pages, diagrams, 8.5x11 large softbound, cardstock cov.

Condition: Very Good overall, reddish orange covers, rubbing & light wear to corners & spine, title on spine sunned; ex-research library stamp on titlepage & label on spine, paperclip rust marks on first few preliminary pages, not affecting text pages. Binding tight and internal pages are clean, sound, unmarked, no rips or tears.

Keywords: vintage computer animation, graphic systems, interactive computer graphics, 1980s computers, hidden line removal algorithms, computer animation of faces, IBM 7090, FORTRAN, ANIMA II 3-D color animation system, Sketchpad, Sketchpad a man-machine gra

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Item Description

GRAPHICS SYSTEMS - Sketchpad, a man-machine graphical communication system (IE Sutherland); Sketchpad III, computer program for drawing in three dimensions; Multi-Function Graphics for large computer system; A Clipping Divider;

GRAPHICS FACILITIES - intro to computer graphics terminals; The Adage Graphics Terminal; A Plasma-Panel Interactive Graphics System; The PLATO IV student terminal; Intermixing Refresh & Direct View Storage Graphics; Scan Conversion Algorithm with Reduced Storage Requirements; Practical Approach to implementing Line Printer Graphics;

ALGORITHMS FOR LINE & CURVE GENERATION - Computer control of a digital plotter; Improved algorithm for Generation of Nonparametric Curve On Circle Generation Algorithms; Fast Drawing of Curves for computer display; New Curve fitting method using a CRT Computer Display;

GRAPHICS LANGUAGES & DATA STRUCTURES - a general purpose graphic language (Kulsrud); Display Procedures; LG language for analytic geometry; Synthesis of solids bounded by many faces; GLIDE language for design information systems; Graphic & relational data base support for problem solving;

HIDDEN-LINE REMOVAL ALGORITHMS - BE VISION package of IBM 7090 FORTRAN programs draw orthographic views of combinations of plane & quadratic surfaces; Quantitative Invisibility & machine rendering of solids (Appel); Solution to hidden-line problem for computer-drawn polyhedra; generating visible-line projections of solids; solution to Hidden Surface Problem (newell); Reentrant Polygon clipping; Sorting & the Hidden surface Problem; Raster-scan techniques; more;

GENERATION OF HALFTONE IMAGES - continuous shading of curved surfaces, models of light reflection for computer synthesized pictures, more;

COMPUTER ANIMATION of faces, ANIMA II 3-D color animation system, picture-driven animation; Animator online 2-dimensional flim animation system; more;