Museums of Science and Technology. reprint from TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE winter 1965, The Society for the History of Technology.
Museums of Science and Technology
Museums of Science and Technology

Museums of Science and Technology.

Univ Chicago Press 1965, reprinted for private circulation from TECHNOLOGY AND CULTURE volume VI no1; 82 pages, multiple fullpage black & white photographs, tables & diagrams.

Condition: Very Good, stapled tan pictorial cardstock covers, 6x9, light edgewear & small label gluestain on lower corner of front cover, binding sound and secure; minor pencil margin brackets scattered on the pages otherwise clean. Front cover illustration of 'The Glazier', one of a series of woodcuts made in Nuremberg by the Swiss-born illustrator Jost Amman (1539-1591).

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CONTENTS -- The Evolution of Science Museums (Silvio A Bedini); Technical Museums and International Exhibitions (Eugene S Ferguson); A Museum Case History (Robert P Multhauf); Assembling a New Hall of Civil Engineering (Robert M Vogel); The Science Museum Today (Bernard S Finn)

'That the museum is often considered static is primarily a reflection of the immobility of its financial position. The museum concept, in fact, is more flexible than is the concept of the university, for despite the antiquity of museums there is no stereotype. One wonders if the prevalent practice of planning the perfect museum is not a chimera, the pursuit of which, however enjoyable for the planners, is detrimental rather than advantageous to the improvement of museums which really exist...' (p 58, Multhauf's essay)

'The Deutsches Museum of Oskar von Miller, first proposed in 1903 and finally opened in its own building in 1925, was the first modern technical museum in which extensive use was made of operating exhibits to draw attention, to provide entertainment designed to arouse curiosity, and to involve the visitor in the exhibit (as, for example, by pushing a button to start the action)' (p. 41, Ferguson's article).