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Programming by Case Studies, an ALGOL Primer. OB Chedzoy, Sandra E. Ford.

Programming by Case Studies, an ALGOL Primer.

Macmillan, London 1969, 89 pages, index.
Condition: Good+ overall, small hardcover, ex-technical library rubberstamps, front hinge weak and a bit shakey; the binding is sound, pages clean.
Price: $8.00
Item no. C06255
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Contents include, Fundamentals of Algol; Sorting numbers; the Centre of England; Evaluation of PI, accumulation of inaccuracies of round-off; MOvements ina Share Price Index; Additional Algol; Simple Simulation, snakes and ladders; Calibration of a depth gauge use of approximation; Job plnaning, a program in optimizaiton; Evaluation of e. Case studies using Algol programming language.