Telecommunication System Engineering - Analog and Digital Network Design. Roger Freeman.

Telecommunication System Engineering - Analog and Digital Network Design.

John Wiley & Sons, NY 1980 second printing; 480 pages, index, diagrams.

Condition: Very Good+ overall, dark gray cloth hardcover, no dustjacket; binding is tight, pages clean & unmarked, very little wear at extremities though front corners slightly bumped.

Keywords: telephone networks, switching digital analog, 1980s computer networks

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Some basics in conventional telephony; routing methods, erlang & poisson traffic formulas, waiting systems (queuing), bases of network configurations etc; Conventional switching techiques in telephony, types of electromechanical switching, degeneration, step-by-step or strowger switch, crossbar switch, system control, rotary switching systems, stored-program control, etc; transmission factors in analog switching, numbering concepts etc; Signaling for telephone networks, E and M, reverse battery, AC, Address signaling, compelled, link-by-link versus end-to-end, common-channel etc; Transmission for telephony; Long-distance networks; Design of long-distance links; coaxial cable, radiolink, noise accumulation, satellites engineering etc;

The Transmission of Other Information over the Telephone Network - coding, error detection & correction, binary transmission, modulation-demodulation schemes, delay distortion, amplitude response (attenuation distortion), channel capacity, circuit conditioning, modems etc scanning, recording, technical requirements for facsimile transmission, etc; Digital transmission and switching Systems, pulse-code modulation, long-distance, radiolink, etc; Data Networks and their Operation - possibilities with remote terminals, configurations, effective data transfer, protocol, BISYNC etc; An example of a Packet Network - the ARPANet, subnet, routing etc; Telecommunication Planning.