Microcomputers and Memories, DIGITAL DEC, Handbook series PDP-11 etc. DEC Digital equipment corporation.

Microcomputers and Memories, DIGITAL DEC, Handbook series PDP-11 etc.

Digital Equipment Corp, MA 1982; 773 pages, diagrams, Index.

Condition: Very Good, pictorial stiff glossy wraps, softcover 5x8, thick book; cover rubbing & some edgewear, small abrasion & crease along spine but binding & pages very tight, appears unread; clean & unmarked internally.

Keywords: hardware, PDP-11, LS-11 memory, microcomputers handbooks, DEC digital equipment corporation

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Commonalities, Architectural overview, Addressing Modes, Instruction Set, Floating Point Instruction Set; Octal Debugging Technique Microcode ODT; Programming Techniques; LSI-11 Bus; Memory Management; FPF-11 Floating Point processor;

BOARD-LEVEL COMPONENTS - Falcon SBC-11/21 Microcomputer; LSI-11/23 Microcomputer; LSI-11/2 microcomputer; LSI-11 microcomputer; LSI-11 system troubleshooting; ROM Memories; PROMS; RAM memories;

Multifunction modules, MXV11-A memory and synchronous serial line interface; SYSTEMS - PDP-11/23, PDP-11/03, PDP-11/23-plus Microcomputer, MSV11-P Memory, features, benefits, specifications, configuration etc. One of the DEC Handbook series, covers LS-11 and PDP-11 components & systems, FALCON SBC-11/21, MXV11 etc.