Mastering the 8088 Microprocessor. Lanny V. Dao.

Mastering the 8088 Microprocessor.

PA: Tab Books, 1988, 330pp., First Edition, First Printing, figures, diagrams,some photographs, index.

Condition: Very Good soft cover, front cover creased across upper right corner, binding is tight, pages clean and unmarked.

Keywords: assembler language, assembly language, Intel data book, vinatge data books, 8088 microprocessor, 8088 compatible chip, 16 bit microcomputer

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Basic Concepts -- Overview of a Microcomputer; Representation of Information in a Microcomputer; The IBM Personal Computer;

Intel 8088 Microprocessor -- machine Language; Architecture; Segmentation Concepts; Addressing Modes; stack Manipulation; Interrupts;

8088 Assembly Language -- Why Assembly Language; Program Format; Common Errors; Macros; Instruction Set;

Integer Arithmetic -- Arithmetic Instructions; 32-bit Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication; Generation of Pseudorandom Numbers; Conversion from Hexadecimal to Decimal;

Logical Functions -- Definitions; Logical Instructions; Bit Manipulation; Character Conversion; Data Encryption and Decryption; Data Movement -- Data Movement Instructions; Moving Data in Overlapping Strings; Conversion From ASCII to EBCDIC; Searching for a Sequence of Characters; Manipulating a Doubly Linked List;

Control Transfer -- Unconditional and Conditional Transfer Instructions; Structure of a Loop; Structure of a Procedure; Bubble Sort; Conversion from Algebraic to Reverse Polish; Recursive Programming;

Shift and Rotate -- Rotate Instructions; Shift Instructions; Counting 1-bits in a Word; Decoding a Machine Instruction; Constructing a Segment Override Prefix;

Appendices -- ASCII and EBCDIC Conversion Tables, 8086/8088 Machine Instruction Encoding and Decoding Guide.