Item #C3041 EMI Control in the Design of Printed Circuit Boards & Backplanes. Donald R. J. White.

EMI Control in the Design of Printed Circuit Boards & Backplanes.

Don White Consultants Inc. VA, 1984, 132 pages, photographs and diagrams; Bibliographies, Appendix, Index.

Condition: Very Good hardcover with circuit board illustration on cover, binding is tight and sound, pages are clean and unmarked.

Keywords: Printed Circuits, Wirewrap, Backplanes, signal tracing, PCB Backplane, printed circuit board construction, pcbs and backplanes

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Item Description

PCBs & Backplanes - An Overview -- The Analog Problem, Some Logic Families, Wirewrap Boards, Printed Circuit Boards, Fingers & Connectors, Multiwire Boards, Backplanes & Motherboards, Backplane Interconnects & I/Os, Avoid Some Interconnects & Peripherals, Design Automation & Computeraided Design for PCB Layout;

Signal Traces & Power Bussing -- Common-Impedance Coupling, Discrete Wiring & Returns, PCB Trace Impedance, Power Distribution Decoupling, Raised Power Bussing Distribution, Signal Return & Power Planes, Power-Plane Distribution, Impedance Control & Terminations, Immunize PCB for Power Dropouts & Interrupts;

Wirewrap & PC Board Layout -- Wirewrap, Single Layer Board, Printed Circuit Board Construction - Printed-Circuit Base Materials, Conductor Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Circuit-Board Finishes, Design Considerations, Printed Circuit Board Layout, Multilayer PCB Layout, Multiwire Boards;

Backplanes & Motherboards -- Card-Cage Assermblies, Wirewrap Backplanes, Backplane Radiation & EMI Control, PCB Backplane, I/O Interconnects- Flat Cable Transmission Lines, I/O Interface Bulkhead, Line Drivers & Receivers, Composite Interconnect System;

Appendices -- Pulse Transforms, Envelope of the Emission Spectrum, Criticality of Second Corner Frequency.