Item #C3046 Tactile Sensors for Robotics and Medicine. John G. Webster.

Tactile Sensors for Robotics and Medicine.

John Wiley & Sons, NY, 1988, 365 pp, Illustrations, Study Questions, Bibliography, Appendix, Index.

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Keywords: artificial intelligence Sensors, robotics touch, Biomedical Engineering, Neuropathy robotics

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ISBN 0471606073 Mary Churchill - Tactile Sensing, Human Sensors, General Tactile Sensor Requirements, Materials, Tactile Sensing Approaches, Applications of Tactile Sensors;

Physiology of Touch, Grip, & Gait - Khiang C. Seow - Touch, Grip, & Grasp of Robots, Physiological Definitions & Classifications, Electrophsiological Definition & Classification, Grasping & Gait in Humans;

Tactile Disorders of Hands & Feet- Mark Grassman - Problems in Grip of Robots, Results of Peripheral Neuropathy, Trauma, Tumors, Metabolic/Nutritional Disorders, Infections, Congenital/Hereditary Disorders, Vascular Disorders, Degenerative Disorders, Tests for Sensory Deficit;

Deformable Materials- Mark Grassman-Materials Science Terminology, Metals/Springs, Silicons/Semiconductors , Elastomers, Carbon Fibers, Ceramics; Metal Strain Gages- David Hagner- Principles, Types of Metal Strain Gages, Strain Measurements, Sources of Error Due to the Gage, Instrumentation, Mounting Procedures, Force Sensors, Force-Sensor Design Example;

Semiconductor Strain Gages-Geon Hahm- Manufacture, Properties of Semiconductor Strain Gages, Zero Shift in One-Quarter Bridge Circuits, Gage Excitation, Semiconductor Strain-Gage Installation, Sensors Using Semiconductor Strain Gages; Conductive Elastomers, Factors Affecting the Contact Resistance, Advantages of Conductive Rubber Sensors, Disadvantages of Conductive Rubber Sensors, Electronic Circuitry, Pressure-Sensitive Resin, Carbon Fibers;

Piexoelectric Sensors- Christopher Rittler- Piezoelectric Effect, More; Inductive Sensors- Eung Je Woo- Basic Principles, More; Compactive Sensors-More; Optoelectronic Sensors-Larry Silversmith; Other Pressure Sensors- David Hagner; Application to Robotic Manipulator Sensing; Sensor Application to the Peripheral Neuropathy of the Foot; Sensor Application to Pheripheral Neuropathy of the Hand- Aparna Mokshagundam; Sensor Application to Functional Neuromuscular stimulation; Sensor Application to the Space Suit Glove; Electrotactile Stimulatuib- Zhu.