Item #C3048 The Windows 95 Registry A Survival Guide for Users. John Woram.

The Windows 95 Registry A Survival Guide for Users.

MIS Press- Henry Holt Co. NY, 1996 first edition, 350 pp, Illustrations, Index.

Condition: Very Good or a bit better condition overall, 7x9 glossy coated cardstock covers, softcover, slight shelfwear; binding is tight, pages clean, unmarked.

Keywords: Windows 95

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Introduction to the Windows 95 Registry -- An INI File Overview, The Rationale Behind the Registry, The Registry Editor Window;

The Windows 95 Registry Structure, Part I -- An HKEY CLASSES ROOT key; The Windows 95 Registry Structure, Part II-- HKCU HKEY CURRENT USER key, HKLM HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Key (SYSTEM.DAT), The Microsoft Software and SOFTWARE Subkeys, HKYU HKEY USERS (USER.DAT), HKCC HKEY CURRENT CONGFIG key (HKLMConfig00x), HKDD HKEY DYN DATA key (system RAM);

The Registry Editor -- An HKEY Review, The Registry Files, Registry Editor Menu Details, Registry Editing Techniques, Registry Print Jobs, Variations in the Registry Structure, The Norton Registry Editor;

Customizing the Windows 95 Registry -- Custom Registry Editing Techniques, Attributes Flags, Customizing the Desktop, Icon Editing, Other Editing Techniques; Backup, Restore, & Compare -- Registry Backup Procedures, Registry Restore Proceedures, Registry Comparison Techniques;

Troubleshooting the Registry Registry Error Messages -- Edit Session Messages, Real-Mode Error Messages, Startup & Exit Error Messages, Other Error Messages.